Dr. Mark Winteregg

Dr. Mark R. Winteregg graduated from Carroll High School in Fort Wayne in 1987. He earned a BA in Biology from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana and a BS in Human Anatomy in 1993 along with a Doctorate degree from National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, Illinois in 1994. He was an associate in Lafayette, Indiana for two years and then an associate in Plymouth, Indiana for another year before opening his practice in Fort Wayne, Indiana in January 1998. Dr. Winteregg is on the Medical Review Team for Medicaid, a member of the Indiana State Chiropractic Association and served on the Youth Service Board.

He is active in his church, serving as Dynamic Marriage Facilitator, the men’s small group leader, teaching children in Kid City and serving on the Prayer Team.

Time and time again, we have heard nothing but good things from our patients and we cannot thank you enough for your business! Dr. Winteregg is well known for providing relief for patients by adjusting according to the symptoms discussed. He has helped many patients with migraine relief without the help of costly medical tests and medications. Dupont Family Chiropractic believes in getting to the root of the problem and does not require a maintenance plan unless it is absolutely necessary. We believe in providing care that is focused on the needs of our patients.

Care & Philosophy

In our office we take a detailed history and thorough exam (orthopedic, neurological, and palpatory) to find subluxations and muscle imbalance that may cause you to have pain in any part of the body. A detailed explanation of conservative care as well as your findings will be given on the same day. Treatment, including an adjustment, will also be given on the same day.

Dr. Mark Winteregg has had success with treating the following symptoms: Migraines, Headaches, Neck and back pain, extremity pain, Fibromyalgia, tingling down the arms and/or legs, carpal tunnel, whiplash, sciatica, scoliosis, pregnancy, pinched nerves, personal injury, auto accidents, dizziness, joint pain, bulging and herniated discs.

Dr. Winteregg provides ultrasound, interferential and cold laser therapies. Our office is equipped with inversion and intersegmental traction tables as well as a neural muscular re-education center to provide rehabilitation after an automotive accident.